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GLAMOROUS WASH® Detergent Sampler Bundle - Top 5 Best Sellers - 4oz Sample Bottles

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Glamorous Wash 4 oz laundry detergent Sampler Bundle allows you to experience its magic before committing to a larger size. These trial-sized bottles are perfect for discovering your favorite fragrance! 

The Sampler includes the top 5 best-selling Tyler laundry fragrances - DIVA®, High-Maintenance®, Entitled®, Regal®, Trophy®

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GLAMOROUS WASH® Detergent Sampler Bundle - Top 5 Best Sellers - 4oz Sample Bottles

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Catherine A Caracciolo
I love the fragrance!!!

The fragrance “Diva” is my absolute favorite. A friend of mine uses it and when she told me what it was, I just had to have it. I add a cap full to my usual tide detergent and it works like a charm. LOVE IT!!!


Loved all the scents. Wish the sizes were bigger! And yes I know they are samples but that’s my only selfish need because they smell THAT good! Will definitely purchase again

Love it!!!The smell stays

I tried many of those boutique type laundry detergents and this one by far not only the smell of fabulous as stays on the clothes for a long time no need to add any booster or wear perfume I bought the samples and definitely the high maintenance and diva were by far my favorite and there is no need to add a lot a little bit does the tick not only clean as the fragrance will be added to the fabric.

Jamie Schollian

GLAMOROUS WASH® Detergent Sampler Bundle - Top 5 Best Sellers - 4oz Sample Bottles

Tricia Buchanan
Kind of Disappointed

I hate to give 2 stars, but I'll explain why. If I remember correctly my total was over $50 for 5 best seller 4oz samples. I've smelt Diva a lot as a really close friend has used it for years. There are sooooo many scents and you can't tell from a description what something is going to smell like, or in my case what scents may give you headaches. Ordered top 5 since that was the only sample option I could find. Out of all 5 I didn't like any of them but Diva. So now I only have 1 tiny 4oz bottle of Diva to use for $50, and 4 bottles I'm stuck with. One of them gives me an awful headache! You can smell it immediately upon opening the box it's so strong. I'm not sure, but I think it may have been the Entitled scent. I think High Maintenance would be my next favorite if I had to pick, but it almost has a medicine smell to it. I have a very strong since of smell. It's kind of a joke in my family (I'm the first to smell anything out of everyone). I was so excited to get these in to try and it feels like a huge let down. Just disappointed to spend that much $$ for what I have now. I couldn't even give the others away to my niece.


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    Each scent is meticulously formulated to create a captivating atmosphere that can transform any space into a sensory haven.

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What are the most popular Tyler Candle fragrances?

Diva and High-Maintenance are the most popular scents. However, with over 40 fragrances to choose from, everybody discovers their own favorite! We recommend checking out our Fragrance Guide for detailed descriptions of every Tyler Candle Fragrance.

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